14 Best Spanish Podcasts for Intermediate and Advanced Learners

Spanish podcasts are an important part of my language learning. I listen at the gym, while out walking, and in the car. Podcasts are also a great way to pass downtime when traveling.

These are for intermediate and advanced learners, but beginner levels for the first four language learning podcasts are also available. All are available for free.

I normally listen on my Android phone using the excellent podcast app Pocket Casts. It’s not free but well worth US$3.99 since I’ve used it daily for years.

1. LightSpeed Spanish – Advanced

Lightspeed Spanish Advanced PodcastWitty discussions about fascinating aspects of Spanish culture and interviews with native speakers in nicely bite-sized 10-minute episodes. Hosted by a British/Spanish couple with great conversational chemistry. Gordon, the British half of the duo, speaks inspiringly fluent Spanish. The speech is generally at less than native speed but the frequently hilarious content and advanced vocabulary more than make up for it. The discussions on Spanish insults are particularly fun. Videos of each episode are also available.

Accents: European Spanish

2. Spanish Obsessed – Advanced

Spanish Obsessed - Advanced podcastThis podcast is aptly named because I think I became a little obsessed with it and binge-listened to all the episodes! Hosted by Rob, who is British but speaks excellent Spanish, and his Colombian partner Liz, who has a lovely accent. Episodes are easily digestible at about 10-20 minutes. The couple often interviews Spanish speakers from a variety of countries to provide exposure to different accents. Transcripts are available for free on the website.

Accents: Variety of Latin American and European Spanish

3. Notes in Spanish Gold

Notes in Spanish Gold podcast

Madrid-based podcast featuring conversation and interviews focused on different aspects of Spanish culture, followed by English analysis of new vocabulary and grammar. The English explanations make this also appropriate for advanced intermediates.

Accents: European Spanish, with some interviews in Latin American Spanish

4. Notes in Spanish Advanced

Notes in Spanish Advanced podcast

Another great podcast from the Notes in Spanish team featuring conversations on a wide range of topics related to Spanish culture. This podcast was created before the Gold series and occasionally the audio quality is a little uneven, but the content is still outstanding. Additional support materials like transcripts and worksheets are available for purchase.

Accents: European Spanish, with some interviews in Latin American Spanish

5. Sangre Celestial

Sangre Celestial Spanish podcastFun radionovela with a supernatural twist that follows twins Sol and Mundo as they travel across the US and Latin America uncovering hidden family secrets and discovering long-lost siblings. Narrated by Mexican actress Kate del Castillo, this cross-border mystery consists of eight episodes and features a multicultural cast from across the Spanish-speaking world. Produced by progressive Los Angeles NPR affiliate KCRW, Sangre Celestial is the first ever bilingual radionovela podcast and is downloadable in both English and Spanish.

Accents: Wide variety of Latin American Spanish

6. Learn Spanish with La Casa Rojas

Learn Spanish with La Casa Rojas PodcastFor intermediate and advanced learners. Originally from Peru, Luis Rojas teaches Spanish in Minnesota. He speaks clearly and at just the right pace. Rojas’ podcasts are gentle reflections on his life in the US and a variety of cultural and historical aspects of Hispanic language and culture. I especially liked the frequent integration of music into the podcasts. A very interesting and enjoyable listen.

Accents: Peruvian Spanish

7.  Radio Bilingüe – Edición Semanaria

Radio Bilingüe - Edición Semanaria podcastRadio Bilingüe is the only US distributor of Spanish-language public radio programming. Its mission is to serve as a voice to empower Latinos and other underserved communities. This fourteen-minute weekly news roundup features stories relevant to the Latino community. I listen to this every week. It’s short and sweet with an interesting focus on immigration, politics, and civil rights.

Accents: Latin American Spanish

8.  Así como suena

Así como suena podcastFascinating true stories from the Mexican capital with themes of love and hate, crime, politics, corruption, and everyday survival. Thanks to my awesome teacher in Mexico City for recommending this one.

Accents: Mexican Spanish

9. Radio Ambulante

Radio Ambulante podcastCompelling, quirky stories from Latin America and the United States. NPR’s first podcast en español and often referred to as “This Latin American Life.”

Accents: Wide variety of Latin American Spanish

10. Neteando con Kate y Jessica

Neteando con Kate y Jessica podcastNeteando, which translates as “Telling it like it is,” features outspoken Mexican actress Kate del Castillo and Mexican American celebrity reporter Jessica Maldonado. These ladies and their guests get together to dish about their lives and discuss current topics in news, entertainment, society, and culture. The witty dialogue is peppered with colorful Mexican slang and Spanglish.

Accents: Latin American (mostly Mexican)

11. CNN en Español

CNN en Español podcastShort audio excerpts from CNN’s Spanish newscasts. Good for when you only have a few minutes to listen to a quick episode. The entertainment interviews are, well, particularly entertaining.

Accents: Mostly neutral Spanish, with newsreaders from Latin America and Spain

12.  Nómadas

Nómadas podcastThis extraordinary podcast is a production of Radio Nacional de España (RNE) that virtually transports you to a different location in the world each week. It features the extremely high-quality, in-depth reporting you expect from public radio. Before I go on any trips I always check to see if there are any episodes on my planned destinations.

Accents: European Spanish

13. Buenos Días América

Buenos Días América podcastDaily half-hour news podcast with a focus on US and Latin American stories. I used to listen to this daily, but after a while it got a little boring since the format rarely changes. Still worth checking out, though.

Accents: Mostly neutral Latin American Spanish

14.  Mexicano Slang

Mexicano Slang podcastThis podcast is a quick listen at only 11 episodes of three to four minutes each. Each episode introduces a new Mexican slang expression and uses it in context of a dialogue. Very fun concept and highly recommended for aficionados of Mexican Spanish. I only wish there were more episodes!

Accents: Mexican Spanish

Have more podcast recommendations? Please share your suggestions in the comments.

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  1. Yes, this is an awesome way to improve language skills, I think. I’m going to be assigning more podcast listening as homework for my 11th graders when we get back from our winter holiday break. Thanks for the reminder and the encouragement.

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