8 Best Portuguese Podcasts for Language Learners

Portuguese podcasts are a convenient way to learn Portuguese on the go. I listen at the gym, while out walking, and in the car. They also get me through long hours on planes and buses when I’m traveling!

These are all Brazilian Portuguese podcasts, but look for European Portuguese podcasts to be added soon before my trip to Portugal in late 2019.

While the list includes some longer podcasts, most reflect my preference for short episodes of 5-10 minutes — much more than that and I find I lose focus.

Just tap the title of each podcast to go to its website.

Brazilian Portuguese Podcasts

1. Tá Falado

Tá Falado - Brazilian Portuguese podcastLevel: Beginner to Intermediate

Transcripts: Free PDF transcripts provided on each episode page on the website

This outstanding podcast created by UT Austin’s well-known Department of Spanish and Portuguese is designed for students with a previous background in Spanish. However, it’s so well-made that I think it would benefit those with no Spanish knowledge but with an interest in the language.

The episodes provide an invaluable comparison and contrast of Spanish and Portuguese grammar and pronunciation. The interaction between the American, Brazilian, and Venezuelan contributors is also a lot of fun, and there are many humorous moments!

I recommend listening with the PDF transcript open as a reference; it’s really helpful to read along with the dialogue and also study the additional cultural and grammar notes.


2. Brazilian Portuguese Podcast

Brazilian Portuguese PodcastLevel: Beginner to Advanced

Transcripts: PDF transcripts available to paid podcast subscribers

Note: Sadly, due to difficulties arising from the tragic loss of its principal creator, this podcast is currently not available for download. His co-creator and family are working to make it accessible again, and I will update here when it is available.

Very fun, engaging show featuring natural conversations and helpful explanations of Brazilian culture and slang. Lessons often integrate fantastic Brazilian music.

The podcast includes both the Real Brazilian Conversations series for advanced learners (native speed conversations, Portuguese only) and the Weekly Expressions series for beginners and intermediates with English explanations. As an intermediate learner, the Weekly Expressions use a little too much English for me, but I still learn new vocabulary with each listen.

The Weekly Expressions podcast just has brief writeups that are freely available, but if you’re interested in the more advanced Real Brazilian Conversations, it’s definitely worth it to purchase a low-cost subscription for access to transcripts and videos. I like to watch the YouTube episode versions (subscribers only) with captions on.

Tragically, the podcast’s principal creator, André Barbosa, passed away in early 2019, but his friend and partner Guilherme plans to try to keep recording episodes.


3. Brasil-Mundo by RFI

Brasil-Mundo by RFI podcastLevel: Intermediate to Advanced

Transcripts: Detailed show notes (but not exact transcripts) accessible from your podcast app as well as on the website

This fascinating series by Radio France Internationale features brief three-minute interviews with successful expat Brazilians around the world working in diverse fields such as the arts, science, journalism, or gastronomy.


4. Brasil-América Latina by RFI

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Transcripts: Detailed show notes (but not exact transcripts) accessible from your podcast app as well as on the website

Another excellent show by Radio France Internationale that provides three-minute reports on political, social, economic, scientific, and cultural topics from around Latin America with a focus on Brazil.

Related recommendations:

  • Francophiles should also try RFI’s A Historia do Brasil nas Ruas de Paris, which presents the legacy of famous Brazilians in France like Oscar Niemeyer and Santos Dumont.
  • RFI’s Brasil-África podcast features interviews with Brazilians living in Africa as well as African news with a Brazilian connection.

5. Histórias de Ninar para Garotas Rebeldes

Histórias de Ninar para Gorotas Rebeldes podcastLevel: Intermediate to Advanced

Transcripts: None

This Brazilian podcast is based on the global bestselling children’s books Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls, an inspiring collection of stories about the lives of 100 extraordinary women from the past and present, from Elizabeth I to Beyoncé.

These modern fairy tales for girls are written in a nice clear Portuguese suitable for learners. Many are read by well-known brasileiras like singer Daniela Mercury. Episodes are 15-20 minutes.


6. Rádio CBN

Rádio CBN - Brazilian podcastsLevel: Intermediate to Advanced

Transcripts: None

Central Brasileira de Notícias, or Rádio CBN for short, is a Brazilian news radio network owned by media giant Grupo Globo.

CBN offers a huge array of Brazilian podcasts for every interest. Some recommendations:


7. #Globo

#Globo podcastLevel: Intermediate to Advanced

Transcripts: None

Daily five-minute summary of Brazilian and international news. Designed for a millennial audience, this show is concise and a good listen if you can stand the constant repetition of the word hashtaggy for each segment.


8. Café Brasil

Café Brasil podcastLevel: Intermediate to Advanced

Transcripts: Free transcripts provided for most episodes on the website

In this popular weekly show, writer Luciano Pires casts a critical eye on Brazilian culture, society, and politics. His musings are punctuated by an excellent Música Popular Brasileira (MPB) soundtrack. The Cafezinho episodes, also available as their own podcast, are short two-minute reflections on a particular topic.

Many thanks to my friend and fellow Portuguese learner Simon for this suggestion!


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Have more Portuguese-language podcast recommendations for Portuguese listening practice? Please share your suggestions in the comments.

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