19 Best Portuguese Podcasts for Language Learners

Podcasts are a convenient way to get Portuguese listening practice at the gym or on your commute.

The list is divided into Brazilian Portuguese and European Portuguese podcasts.

While the recommendations include some longer podcasts in Portuguese, most reflect my preference for short episodes of 5-10 minutes — much more than that and I find I lose focus.

Just tap the title of each podcast to go to its website.

Brazilian Portuguese Podcasts

Brazilian Portuguese Podcasts for Learners

Brazilian podcasts designed to help you learn Portuguese, with levels from beginner to intermediate.

1. Tá Falado

Tá Falado - Brazilian Portuguese podcastLevel: Advanced Beginner to Intermediate

Transcripts: Free PDF transcripts provided on each episode page on the website

This outstanding podcast created by UT Austin’s well-known Department of Spanish and Portuguese is designed for students with a previous background in Spanish. However, it’s so well-made that I think it would benefit those with no Spanish knowledge but with an interest in the language.

The episodes provide an invaluable comparison and contrast of Spanish and Portuguese grammar and pronunciation, with a focus on colloquial Portuguese of Brazil. The relaxed, humorous rapport between the North American and Latin American contributors adds to the enjoyment.

I recommend listening with the PDF transcript open as a reference; it’s really helpful to read along with the dialogue and also study the additional cultural and grammar notes.


2. Língua da Gente

Língua da Gente - Brazilian Portuguese podcastLevel: Beginner to Intermediate

Transcripts: Free PDF transcripts available for download on the website

Another fantastic Brazilian Portuguese podcast from the University of Texas team. Unlike Tá Falado, Língua da Gente does not assume prior Spanish knowledge.

This series teaches colloquial Brazilian Portuguese through brief dialogues illustrating common real-life situations.

Each episode, generally between 8-12 minutes, includes a short dialogue, a line-by-line English translation, and more in-depth analysis of pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, and cultural content.


3. Brazilian Portuguese Podcast

Brazilian Portuguese PodcastLevel: Advanced Beginner to Advanced

Transcripts: PDF transcripts available to paid podcast subscribers

Very fun, engaging show featuring natural conversations and helpful explanations of Brazilian culture and slang. Lessons often integrate fantastic Brazilian music.

The podcast includes both the Real Brazilian Conversations series for advanced learners (native speed conversations, Portuguese only) and the Weekly Expressions series for advanced beginners and intermediates with English explanations.

As an advanced intermediate student, the Weekly Expressions use a little too much English for me, but I still learn new vocabulary with each listen.

The Weekly Expressions podcast just has brief writeups that are freely available, but if you’re interested in the more advanced Real Brazilian Conversations, it’s definitely worth it to purchase a low-cost subscription for access to transcripts and videos. I like to watch the YouTube episode versions when available (subscribers only) with captions.

Tragically, the principal creator of this podcast, André Barbosa, passed away in early 2019, but his friend and partner Guilherme plans to try to keep recording episodes.

Brazilian Portuguese Podcasts for Native Speakers

Take your Portuguese to the next level with the full immersion experience provided by podcasts made for native speakers.


4. Brasil-Mundo by RFI

Brasil-Mundo by RFI podcastLevel: Intermediate to Advanced

Transcripts: Detailed show notes (but not exact transcripts) accessible from your podcast app as well as on the website

This fascinating series by Radio France Internationale features three-minute international news stories with a Brazilian connection as well as interviews with successful Brazilians around the world working in diverse fields such as the arts, science, journalism, or gastronomy.


5. Brasil-América Latina by RFI

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Transcripts: Detailed show notes (but not exact transcripts) accessible from your podcast app as well as on the website

Another excellent show by Radio France Internationale that provides three-minute reports on political, social, economic, scientific, and cultural topics from around Latin America with a focus on Brazil.

Related recommendations:

  • RFI’s Brasil-África podcast features interviews with Brazilians living in Africa as well as African news with a Brazilian connection.
  • Francophiles should also try RFI’s A Historia do Brasil nas Ruas de Paris, which presents the legacy of famous Brazilians in France like Oscar Niemeyer and Santos Dumont.

6. SBS em Português

SBS em Português - podcastLevel: Intermediate to Advanced

Transcripts: Available on the website

Interesting short interviews and features from multilingual Australian public broadcaster SBS, covering stories from Australia and around the world.

Mostly Brazilian Portuguese, but occasional news items from Portugal in European Portuguese.


7. Portuguese News – NHK World Radio Japan

Portuguese News - NHK World Radio JapanLevel: Intermediate to Advanced

Transcripts: Individual news items available in written form on the website

Fourteen-minute daily summary of international news with a focus on Japan and Asia. The Brazilian presenters speak a slow, clear Portuguese.

Produced by NHK World-Japan, the international broadcasting service of NHK (Nippon Hōsō Kyōkai – Japan Broadcasting Corporation), Japan’s public broadcaster. The service is aimed at the overseas market, similar to BBC World News and DW.


8. Histórias de Ninar para Garotas Rebeldes

Histórias de Ninar para Gorotas Rebeldes podcastLevel: Intermediate to Advanced

Transcripts: None

This Brazilian podcast is based on the global bestselling children’s books Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls, inspiring stories about the lives of 100 extraordinary women from the past and present, from Elizabeth I to Beyoncé.

These modern fairy tales for girls are in a nice clear Portuguese suitable for learners. Many are read by well-known brasileiras like singer Daniela Mercury.

Episodes are 15-20 minutes.


9. Café Brasil

Café Brasil podcastLevel: Intermediate to Advanced

Transcripts: Free transcripts provided for most episodes on the website

In this popular weekly show, writer Luciano Pires casts a critical eye on Brazilian culture, society, and politics. His musings are accompanied by an excellent música popular brasileira (MPB) soundtrack.

The Cafezinho episodes, also available as their own podcast, are short two-minute reflections on a particular topic.

Many thanks to my friend and fellow Portuguese learner Simon for this suggestion!


10. Nerdcast

Nerdcast - Brazilian podcastLevel: High Intermediate to Advanced

Transcripts: None

This entertaining weekly show running since 2006 is Brazil’s number one podcast, with a million downloads per episode.

Humorous discussions of all things geek: pop culture, movies, TV, science fiction, tech, comic books, and gaming, as well as more general topics like entrepreneurship, personal finance, history, and travel.

Nerdcast’s hilarious Speak English series discusses various entertaining topics related to English learning in Portuguese. It’s fascinating to hear the Brazilian take on English slang expressions and aspects of North American and British culture!

Episodes run 90 minutes on average.


11. Rádio CBN

Rádio CBN - Brazilian podcastsLevel: High Intermediate to Advanced

Transcripts: None

Central Brasileira de Notícias, or Rádio CBN for short, is a Brazilian news radio network owned by media giant Grupo Globo.

CBN offers a huge array of Brazilian podcasts for every interest. Some recommendations:

  • CBN Tecnologia da Informação – Short tech news updates by journalist Thássius Veloso. As a former software geek, I love this one.
  • Sessão de Cinema – Thoughtful movie reviews by popular YouTube critic Tiago Belotti. Great way to stay up on current films and practice Portuguese at the same time.
  • CBN Brasil – Short news clips with a focus on political and economic issues
  • Jornal da CBN – Daily news and analysis with an entertaining team of commentators. Episodes usually 5-10 minutes. Also try the show’s second edition: Jornal da CBN 2ª Edição.
  • Estúdio CBN – Excerpts from in-studio interviews and discussions of Brazilian and world news
  • O Mundo em Meia Hora – Weekly half-hour news analysis that wraps up the big international and Brazilian stories
  • CBN Rio – Top news from Rio de Janeiro city and state. Similar podcasts exist for other major areas like São Paulo and Brasilia.

12. #Globo

#Globo podcastLevel: High Intermediate to Advanced

Transcripts: None

Daily five-minute summary of Brazilian and international news. Designed for a millennial audience, this show is concise and a good listen if you can stand the constant repetition of the word hashtaggy for each segment.

It’s updated a bit erratically.

European Portuguese Podcasts

European Portuguese Podcasts for Learners

13. Practice Portuguese

Practice Portuguese - learn Portuguese podcastLevels: Beginner to Advanced

Transcripts: Transcripts (conveniently synced to audio or as PDF) with optional English translations as well as many other resources such as lessons, videos, and quizzes available to premium members

When Joel Rendall moved to Portugal from Canada in 2012, he struggled to find quality European Portuguese learning resources. To fill the void, he and his Portuguese friend Rui created this innovative program popular with Portugal’s expat community.

This European Portuguese podcast offers an engaging mix of creative and humorous content including articles, unscripted conversations, scripted dialogues, and stories. Articles are read slowly at first and then faster a second time to test comprehension.

Rui often recruits Portuguese family and friends to participate in the episodes, with charming results.

Conversations often feature rapid, real-life Portuguese, so as an advanced intermediate student in Brazilian Portuguese unused to the European variant, I found the transcripts essential. You can access these as well as other premium features with a monthly membership.

Many episodes are Portuguese-only, so while intermediate and advanced learners can listen to the episodes in chronological order, beginners should sort by difficulty level and start with the easy episodes.

To make the podcast more accessible for novice learners, newer episodes do feature short dialogues in Portuguese with a breakdown mostly in English to enable listening on the go without transcripts.

A second podcast, Shorties, offers daily one-to-two-minute audios aimed at beginners and intermediates. Premium features also include a learning studio with beginner lessons.

Be sure to also watch their wonderful video series about walking the Caminho de Santiago from Porto.

14. Portuguese Lab

Portuguese Lab - European Portuguese podcastLevels: Beginner to Advanced

Transcripts: Some episodes include free transcripts and vocabulary list; complete set available to premium members

This high-quality European Portuguese course is the brainchild of dedicated teacher and polyglot Susana Morais.

Weekly podcasts are classified by level, with episodes 01 to 77 for beginner, intermediate, and advanced learners. Episodes from 77 onwards are for intermediate and advanced students.

Each episode has a particular focus, either vocabulary, grammar, a dialogue, phrases, or a mini-story, with an emphasis on real-world colloquial Portuguese.

Complete transcripts plus resources such as PDF and MP3 downloads and additional exercises available to paid members. It’s certainly worth subscribing for access to these extras plus the support of a guided step-by-step course.


European Portuguese Podcasts for Native Speakers

15. Um Minuto de Ciência por dia não sabes o bem que te fazia – RTP

Um Minuto de Ciência por dia não sabes o bem que te fazia (RTP) - podcastLevel: Intermediate to Advanced

Transcripts: None

This science podcast for kids provides a daily one-minute episode on such diverse topics as whether Saturn has always had rings, how bats see in the dark, and why we need oxygen.

Bite-sized audios with simple explanations perfect for learners.


16. Não sei o que o amanhã trará – um passeio sonoro na Lisboa de Fernando Pessoa

Não sei o que o amanhã trará – um passeio sonoro na Lisboa de Fernando Pessoa - podcastLevel: High Intermediate to Advanced

Transcripts: Available on the website

Fans of enigmatic Portuguese poet and writer Fernando Pessoa shouldn’t miss this charming documentary series that traverses Lisbon recounting the story of Pessoa’s life in 15 short episodes.

The accompanying website offers maps and episode transcripts as PDF or video.

Portugueses no Mundo by RTP Antena 1Level: High Intermediate to Advanced

Transcripts: None

Engaging daily show by Antena 1, one of Portugal’s three national radio channels produced by public broadcasting entity Rádio e Televisão de Portugal (RTP).

Each episode features about a 20-minute interview with a Portuguese national living abroad in such varied places as Norway or China.

See if there are interviews with Portuguese emigrants in your country; hearing their take on your home culture is fascinating.

If you’re already familiar with Brazilian Portuguese, it may be easier to understand the interviews with Portuguese residents of Brazil since their Portuguese has often become abrasileirado.


18. Hora dos Portugueses (Semanal) – RTP

Hora dos PortuguesesLevel: High Intermediate to Advanced

Transcripts: None

This eclectic weekly program compiles short profiles of members of the Portuguese diaspora living abroad, as well as diverse manifestations of Portuguese culture around the globe.

There’s also a daily version with shorter episodes, but it doesn’t seem to be syndicated on major podcast platforms. However, you can still listen on the RTP site.


19. Tubo de Ensaio – TSF

Tubo de Ensaio - TSF - podcastLevel: Advanced

Transcripts: None

For a fun quick challenge, try these irreverent three-minute commentaries delivered with acid humor in rapid-fire slangy Portuguese.


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Best Portuguese Podcasts for Language Learners

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