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Ingrid left software engineering at age 43 to devote herself to language learning and travel. Her goal is to speak seven languages fluently. Currently, she speaks English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and French, and is studying Italian.

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  1. Rainier

    Yes, this is an awesome way to improve language skills, I think. I’m going to be assigning more podcast listening as homework for my 11th graders when we get back from our winter holiday break. Thanks for the reminder and the encouragement.

  2. Val

    Thank you so much for this list!! I’ve been looking for a good podcast that is engaging and at my level and you offered so many options–I really appreciate it.

    • Ingrid

      So glad you found it helpful, Val! I’m always looking for engaging content too. Native podcasts especially can be difficult to discover, which is why I created this list!

  3. Bill

    What a great list I am always looking for quality Latin American Spanish podcasts with transcripts. I listen to Radio Ambulante ( a stretch for me I usually have to refer to the transcript to fully understand it) and I recently discovered No Hay Tos, (very helpful and at my level) but Sangre Celestial was new to me. I just listened to the first episode, what a find it’s a perfect level for me and quite entertaining. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experience.

    • Ingrid

      Glad you are enjoying Hoy Hablamos… love discovering lesser-known gems like that.

      Thanks for the recommendation… I will check it out for the list!

    • Ingrid

      Hola Alex, thanks so much for your comment and for the recommendation. For some reason, Español con Juan is not available in Pocket Casts, but I see it is available on other platforms. Sounds like a great resource for intermediate learners focusing on European Spanish.

    • Ingrid

      Update: I’ve added Español con Juan to the list. It’s available in the Pocket Casts directory now too. Thanks for the great find!

  4. Craig

    Thank you so much for creating this list. It is very comprehensive.I have been a serious Spanish learner for about 6 months and am trying to improve my Mexican Spanish. The Doorway to Mexico and No Hay Tos podcasts have helped me immensely. I am a busy forty something and I have been trying a variety of apps, books, TV shows, and podcasts to help me cram in as much learning as possible. Thanks again for creating this resource.

    • Ingrid

      So happy to hear that, Craig! I put this information out there but I rarely get to know if it truly helps people. Would love to hear your recommendations for other resources sometime if you get a chance – always looking for suggestions for the blog. Mil gracias y suerte.

  5. Iris Cedeno

    Hello, I am currently looking for a spanish speaking podcast that centers on self love/ Self care with a hint of positive vibes for my mother. She speaks some english but could really benefit from one in Spanish. I tried doing a few searches but most results seem to be for people looking to learn spanish. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

  6. Imelda

    Acabo de encontrar tu blog, me inscribí. Qué padre! Estás viviendo el sueño. Conozco la mitad de estos podcasts. Estaba buscando podcasts de mexico porque vivo en california. Ahora los tengo, gracias!

    • Ingrid

      Qué bien, Imelda, me encanta que hayas encontrado nuevos podcasts para escuchar! Mucha suerte con tu aprendizaje! Saludos, Ingrid

  7. Bjoern

    Hello Ingrid,
    You’re right. The Spanish from Podium Podcast is really fast. For sure, it’s a good practice if you want to visit this country. Reminds me of a typical radio program. Maybe a spin off?

    Hasta pronto,

    • Ingrid

      Just checked and you’re right, Björn, Podium Podcast is owned by PRISA Radio, the world’s largest Spanish-language radio group and the market leader in Spain, Colombia, and Chile.

    • Ingrid

      This looks great, and I see they have a number of other languages available too like German and French. I’m traveling right now, but will check this out in detail when I return.

    • Ingrid

      Update: I’ve added it. Thanks for the great recommendation. I’m going to try Language Transfer for my next language project, French.

  8. Bill

    Your lists have been very helpful for me, thank you for providing this service.

    A podcast I have recently discovered is How to Spanish. It is on YouTube as well as most of the podcast platforms – it is Mexican Spanish, and geared towards intermediate to advanced learners. I find the dialog interesting and easy to follow. Transcripts and other material are available for a nominal monthly Patreon fee.

    Also there is a new Latin American podcast Charlas Hispanas based on the Hoy Hablamos model. There are three presenters from three countries – Mexico, Columbia and Peru. Quite enjoyable and easy to follow. Podcasts are daily and transcripts etc are available for a nominal monthly Patreon fee.

    • Ingrid

      Thank you so much for these excellent recommendations, Bill! They sound right up my alley. I’m traveling in South America right now but will review these when I get back.

  9. apachecoroldan

    Another podcast is Hablemos Escritoras Podcast, with interviews with some of the best female writers in Spanish, book reviews with transcripts, publishing houses catalogues, book suggestions, short capsules about culture, society, and literature. It is a great source to practice Spanish and to help writers, editors, teachers, readers, students. Podcast are weekly and its website has an index, tags, and keywords, that make the search easier and faster. Great, great resource for leaning and have fun. https://www.hablemosescritoras.com

  10. Yvonne

    Hola Ingrid! WOW! Love your list! I have added a bookmark for future reference. I would like to recommend a podcast I created called Decide Balance which means the same in Spanish. It is a 5 minute Bilingual (English/Spanish) Meditation Podcast. It started as a project in my kids’ dual immersion school that I decided to record my sessions and share them with the families and now the world. The translation helps people learn the language plus it helps them focus on what I’m saying and let go of the chatter in their brains so they can take pause in their day or relax to go to sleep.

    Can be found at http://decidebalance.com/ Also on all major podcast platforms or @DecideBalance on IG and FB. Hope you enjoy and let me know if you have any feedback to improve. ¡Saludos!

  11. Madison

    Awesome list! Another podcast that I highly recommend is called Learn Spanish and Go, perfect for intermediate learners.

    Jim and May, the couple that does the podcast, post weekly episodes with an emphasis on Mexican Spanish on all kinds of topics: food, culture, travel, history, etc.

    Their platform is cool because they focus on travel Spanish and have inspired so many people like myself to gain confidence in order to do so.

    Transcripts available for all episodes if you sign up for their membership! They also collaborate with other Spanish platforms to give the audience a diverse language education.

  12. Koby

    Hi Ingrid,

    If you ever update your post, I’d love to know your thoughts about a podcast I started earlier this year. It’s geared towards intermediate+ Spanish learners with a focus on listening comprehension and speaking.

    Spanish speakers share their stories and afterwards, we break down the stories line by line in English and Spanish. You and your readers can check it out here: https://icanspeakspanish.com/

  13. Pedro Fernández

    Hola: Thank you for taking the time to prepare this useful list. I hope you will consider checking out a podcast for people who want to start learning Spanish from the beginning: Spanish for Beginners Pedro

  14. Olga

    Hi, Ingrid. Thank you for this amazing list. I’d like to recommend another one I really like. It’s Cocopodcast. I’m living in Spain now (I’m from Russia) and I find it very useful for learning vocabulary from Spain. Very good quality, super clear pronunciation (one of my favorites for this reason) and interesting stories about different topics. Highly recommended. Also with transcription and exercises.


  15. Mike

    Another suggestion: El Verdadero Robo Del Siglo https://robodelsiglopodcast.com/

    It has six+ episodes, with transcripts. I wish I knew how to say, “It will keep you on the edge of your seat” in Spanish. It is very well done, and I did not find the Argentine pronunciation to be a problem with the transcripts.

  16. Dita

    Hi Ingrid – just wanted to say thanks for this compilation, especially the aspect of noting down the region of accent! I have found the list super helpful and have shared it with a friend, too. Many thanks – Dita

    • Ingrid

      Glad it’s helpful, Dita! Agree that accent is an important consideration when choosing learning resources, depending on the geographic location and needs of the student.

  17. Ellie

    Hi Ingrid — Just stumbled upon this list and wanted to say thank you so much! Have been looking for podcasts for native speakers for a while and it’s pretty exciting to see this list and descriptions of various programs here. Can’t wait to start listening!

    (Also, two others for learners that I’ve listened to are Podcast para aprender español (from Spanish with Vicente) and Se habla español — not sure if they have been recommended yet!)

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