39 Best Spanish Podcasts (2020)

Spanish podcasts let you improve your Spanish on the go. I listen at the gym and while walking, doing household chores, or driving. Spanish-language podcasts also help me survive long hours on planes and buses!

I occasionally recommend related books by a podcast creator if I love them and think you’ll find them useful. I receive a small fee from purchases made using Amazon links on this site at no extra cost to you.

Podcasts for Spanish Learners

Here, in no particular order, are some of the best Spanish podcasts designed for learners. Levels range from beginner to advanced. All are free, although most offer helpful extras like transcripts for a fee.

Studies show that reading while listening boosts learning much more than listening only. For this reason, seek out Spanish podcasts with transcripts for when you’re able to sit down and read along with the audio.

It’s well worth upgrading to a paid subscription for access to transcripts if you find a free Spanish podcast you love. Monthly costs are usually very reasonable. It’s also the best way to support your favorite shows.

1. LightSpeed Spanish

Lightspeed Spanish PodcastLevels: All (beginner to advanced)

Accent: European Spanish

Transcripts: Transcripts and helpsheets available for sale. Free sample pack for every level.

Witty discussions about fascinating aspects of Spanish culture and interviews with native speakers in bite-sized 10-minute episodes.

Hosted by a British/Spanish couple with great conversational chemistry. Gordon, the British half of the duo, speaks inspiringly fluent Spanish.

In the advanced podcasts, the speech is generally slower than native speed. However, frequently hilarious content and challenging vocabulary more than make up for it. I found the discussions on Spanish insults especially fun. Videos available for many episodes.


2. Unlimited Spanish

Unlimited Spanish podcast with transcriptLevels: Advanced beginner to high intermediate

Accent: European Spanish

Transcripts: Free PDF Spanish transcripts provided on each episode page linked from the website

A fantastic resource for beginner and intermediate students needing to improve listening and speaking. Host Òscar from Spain covers a variety of interesting topics in clear, simple Spanish. Free transcripts are a huge bonus.

The podcast is unique in offering many opportunities for speaking practice. Each episode ends with a mini-story. Òscar then simulates a conversation with the listener about the story using a question-and-answer technique.

If you enjoy the free podcast, Òscar offers full Spanish audio courses using the same conversation simulation method.

A big thanks to Mike, one of my blog readers, for suggesting this podcast.


3. Spanish Obsessed

Spanish Obsessed - Spanish podcastLevels: Beginner to advanced

Accents: Variety of Latin American and European Spanish

Transcripts: Annual membership allows access to transcripts, exercises, and additional premium podcasts.

This podcast is aptly named because I became a little obsessed with the advanced series and binge-listened to all the episodes!

Hosted by Rob, a Briton with excellent Spanish, and his Colombian partner Liz, who has a lovely accent. Episodes are easily digestible at 10-20 minutes.

Four free podcasts cover all levels, from absolute beginner to advanced. The advanced series features many interviews with Spanish speakers from a variety of countries to expose you to different accents.

Their newest podcast, Puntos de Vista, offers interesting short discussions of current hot topics. It’s designed for learners pre-intermediate and above.

Additional premium podcasts for paid members explore advanced intermediate skillsvocabulary building, perfecting your pronunciation, and more native speaker interviews for advanced students.


4. Notes in Spanish

Notes in Spanish podcastLevels: Beginner to advanced

Accents: European Spanish, with some interviews in Latin American Spanish

Transcripts: Support materials like transcripts and worksheets are available in their online store

Madrid-based podcast series hosted by Ben and Marina, a charming husband and wife team. The couple discuss a diverse mix of topics related to Spanish culture.

Five free audio shows are available, from inspired beginner to advanced.

Notes in Spanish started back in 2005 as one of the first podcasts for Spanish learners. I’ve listened for so many years I feel as if I know Ben and Marina!

Notes in Spanish Gold (inspired intermediate to advanced) features conversation and interviews focused on different aspects of Spanish culture. Episodes end with an English analysis of new vocabulary and grammar. The English explanations make this podcast accessible to motivated intermediate learners.

Advanced and inspired intermediate students can build audio comprehension with the authentic conversations in the Notes in Spanish Conversations podcast.


5. Hoy Hablamos

Hoy Hablamos Spanish podcastLevels: Intermediate to advanced

Accent: European Spanish

Transcripts: Full transcripts and worksheets for both podcasts available to paid subscribers

Fans of Iberian Spanish should try this fun daily podcast focused on vocabulary building. It’s hosted by two young Spanish teachers, Roi from Galicia and Paco from Andalusia. Roi is the main host. Paco joins him once a week.

While both speak clear, easy-to-understand Spanish, the show is still a good way expose yourself to different Iberian accents. There are more than 700 episodes to entertain you.

Also, don’t miss Hoy Hablamos’s excellent weekly grammar podcast. It starts with low intermediate (B1) topics and gradually progresses to advanced (C1).


6. Charlas Hispanas

Charlas Hispanas podcastLevel: Intermediate

Accents: Colombian, Peruvian, and Mexican. Excellent for experiencing a diversity of Latin American accents.

Transcripts: Transcripts, explanations, and exercises available to premium members

Fans of Hoy Hablamos will be pleased to hear there is a new Latin American sister show. The format is similar, with a new episode every weekday.

There are three hosts: Alejandro from Colombia, Betina from Peru, and Fredo from Mexico. They take turns presenting a variety of episodes on vocab, expressions, grammar, culture, news, and Latin American history.

Episodes run 10-15 minutes.

Mil gracias a mi lector Bill por la recomendación.


7. No Hay Tos

No Hay Tos Spanish PodcastLevels: Intermediate to advanced

Accent: Mexican

Transcripts: Transcripts, mexicanismo vocabulary worksheets, and bonus episodes available to podcast patrons on Patreon. You can also bundle these with online iTalki Spanish lessons with the show hosts. One transcript a month is available free to newsletter subscribers (subscribe at the bottom of their homepage).

This engaging podcast‘s name is Mexican slang for “No hay problema.” The hosts are two young Mexican Spanish teachers, Beto from Xalapa and Héctor from Veracruz.

Each 10-to-20-minute episode features a lively discussion by Héctor and Beto about a fun topic related to Mexican slang or culture.

Just two guys disparando la mierda. This is real Mexican Spanish at normal native speaker speed. A great opportunity to hear how natives speak in casual conversation.

If you struggle with the audio, try watching on YouTube instead. Seeing the body language and facial expressions can help a lot with speech comprehension.


8. Español con Juan (1001 Reasons To Learn Spanish)

Español con Juan (1001 Reasons To Learn Spanish) - podcastLevels: Low intermediate to advanced

Accent: European Spanish

Transcripts: Free Spanish transcripts available on the website

Popular teacher Juan Fernández hails from Granada, Spain, but now lives in London. This addictive and humorous podcast is completely in Spanish.

Juan teaches grammar and vocabulary naturally in the context of unscripted, entertaining commentaries. His monologues are delightfully quirky and confessional. Juan’s unique and personal content inspires a devoted following.

Juan explains any difficult vocabulary in Spanish as he goes. He frequently repeats phrases to aid listening comprehension.

Each episode comes with a free Spanish transcript. Some offer additional practice exercises.

Juan recommends listening to each show twice: once without the transcript and a second time while reading along. He suggests printing the transcript and underlining any new words or grammatical structures as you listen.

Personally, I like to read along on my laptop or tablet as I listen, copying any interesting new expressions into my Anki flashcards.

Visit Juan’s website 1001 Reasons To Learn Spanish for a wealth of additional resources, including:

Thanks to my reader Alex for the recommendation!


9. How to Spanish

How to Spanish podcastLevels: Intermediate to advanced

Accent: Mexican

Transcripts: Patreon supporters get time-coded transcripts (starting from episode 54) and a useful PDF with vocab lists, grammar explanations, and listening comprehension questions for a nominal monthly fee.

This superb weekly podcast covers Mexican culture and language in a creative and fun way. Episodes run 20-30 minutes.

The hosts are Spanish teachers David and Ana. They’re originally from CDMX but now live in the beautiful colonial city of Querétaro. Ana and David speak clearly but at a nice natural pace.

The podcast features two enjoyable sub-series:

Also available on YouTube.

A huge thank you to my reader Bill for recommending this gem!

10. Doorway to Mexico

Doorway to Mexico Spanish podcastLevels: Intermediate to advanced

Accent: Mexican

Transcripts: Extensive bonus materials such as transcripts, study guides, and extended audio available for purchase.

Follow the Baxters from California on their travels in Mexico as they encounter a wide range of situations.

Each episode opens with a real-life Spanish dialogue. It’s followed by a roundtable discussion that dives into the nuances of the most challenging passages.

The podcast has a lot of English, so it might not suit learners seeking full audio immersion.

However, the detailed explanations of common Mexican and Latin colloquialisms are incredibly useful. Spanish-speaking visitors to Mexico will hear these expressions constantly, yet they are unlikely to be found in any textbook.

Even advanced learners proficient in Mexican Spanish will find this podcast enlightening. The entertaining episode on Mexican groserías (curse words) taught me a thing or two!


11. Intermediate Spanish Podcast – Spanish Language Coach

Intermediate Spanish Podcast - Spanish Language CoachLevel: Intermediate

Accent: European Spanish

Transcripts: Available free on the website with registration

César, the creator of this excellent new podcast, is a Spanish teacher from Valencia living in London. His commentaries explore intriguing topics in an accessible way. Subjects include psychology, philosophy, language learning, and Spanish culture and history.

César speaks calmly and clearly, explaining tricky vocabulary as he goes. Episodes are an easy listen at 10-15 minutes.

He recommends listening to each episode at least twice: once with no transcript and then a second time reading along to clarify unfamiliar words or grammatical structures.

I like how César’s experimenting with improvisation and engaging personal stories. I’m looking forward to seeing this promising new series develop!

César’s also just started a YouTube channel.


12. Complete Spanish – Language Transfer

Complete Spanish - Language Transfer - podcastLevels: Beginner to low intermediate

Accents: Neutral – designed to be used by both European and Latin Spanish learners

Transcripts: None

In linguistics, language transfer is the tendency to apply knowledge of your native language to the acquisition of the second language. This unique audio course accelerates your Spanish learning by using areas of similarity between Spanish and English.

Language Transfer provides an excellent introduction to beginners or a refresher for lower intermediate students.

The personable creator, Mihalis, uses an innovative analytic technique called the Thinking Method that breaks language concepts down into logical building blocks.

There are 90 lessons that run about 10 minutes each. You begin speaking and understanding right away.

The structure is similar to Michel Thomas courses in that it’s interactive and audio-only. Like Michel Thomas, you learn along with a real student in the lessons.

Episodes are available for free from the website, YouTube, or SoundCloud. If you find the course helpful, consider a donation to this non-profit passion project.

Also available for multiple other languages.

Thanks to my reader John Dorgan for the recommendation!


13. El oso latino habla español

Levels: Intermediate to advanced

Accents: Peruvian and variety of others

Transcripts: None

Enjoyable and quirky program hosted by a peruano from the Amazon Basin living in Quebec, Canada.

Episodes feature a variety of engaging segments:

  • interviews in Spanish with guests from other countries
  • skits
  • Latin American music
  • “La crónica del gringo” providing a Spanish learner’s perspective
  • short quizzes
  • a charming chistes segment presented by the host’s kids

The only drawback is that they release episodes infrequently, so there are only about 20 of them to enjoy!


14. Learn Spanish with La Casa Rojas

Learn Spanish with La Casa Rojas PodcastLevels: Intermediate to advanced

Accent: Peruvian

Transcripts: Free transcripts available on each episode page on the website.

Originally from Peru, Luis Rojas teaches Spanish in Minnesota. He speaks clearly and at a pace accessible for intermediate learners.

Rojas’s podcasts cover a variety of cultural and historical aspects of Hispanic language and culture. He also provides gentle reflections on his life in the US. I especially liked the powerful integration of music and poetry into the episodes.

Unfortunately, this podcast is no longer being updated. However, it’s a very interesting and enjoyable listen.


Podcasts in Spanish for Native Speakers

Take your Spanish to the next level with the full immersion experience of top Spanish podcasts for native speakers.

15. El Gran Apagón

El Gran Apagón - Spanish podcastLevels: High intermediate to advanced

Accents: European Spanish, some Latin American Spanish

Transcripts: None

On April 11, 2018, the most powerful solar flare ever recorded renders all satellites and most electrical systems unusable. Two days later, the planet plunges into complete darkness, a cataclysmic event known as El Gran Apagón (the Great Blackout).

Follow humanity’s fight to survive with the sci-fi audio thriller that captivated Spain, with more than four million downloads. Short and suspenseful 10-to-15-minute episodes.

Season 1 even includes a helpful companion series, Tras el apagón. This behind-the-scenes look offers critical analysis of each episode as well as making-of and bonus material from the director and screenwriter.


16. La Mesa, con León Krauze

La Mesa, con León Krauze - podcastLevels: Intermediate to advanced

Accents: Mostly Mexican and Central American with some interviewees from South America

Transcripts: None, but there is an associated book

Fascinating and touching interviews with Hispanic immigrants in LA. Interviewees share their experiences growing up and struggles for a better life in the US.

Univisión news anchor León Krauze speaks a nice clear Spanish. He elicits these intense and intimate stories with sensitivity and compassion.

Thanks to our friend NoManches from The Language Learners Forum for this wonderful find.

If you love La Mesa and want to practice your reading, try the book. It features 50 of the most poignant accounts of immigrant experiences in the US.

Each story is about three to four pages and written in easy-to-read Spanish.


17. Neteando con Kate y Jessica

Neteando con Kate y Jessica - Spanish podcastLevel: Advanced

Accents: Mostly Mexican with some guests from other Latin American countries and Spain

Transcripts: None

Neteando translates as “Telling it like it is.” This talk show features outspoken Mexican actress Kate del Castillo and Mexican American celebrity reporter Jessica Maldonado.

These ladies and their guests get together to dish about their lives. They also discuss current topics in news, entertainment, society, and culture.

The witty dialogue is peppered with colorful Mexican slang and pochismos (Spanglish).

Occasionally, a guest will speak mostly in English. I tend to skip those episodes since they are not ideal for practice.


18. Bienvenido a la Vida Peligrosa

Bienvenido a la Vida Peligrosa - Spanish podcastLevels: High intermediate to advanced

Accents: Mexican, European Spanish

Transcripts: None

This highly engaging show, the world’s first audio narcoserie, was written by Spanish novelist Arturo Pérez-Reverte, author of La Reina del Sur. The director was Mexican writer and producer Guillermo Arriaga, known for movies like Amores Perros.

Another smash hit in Spain by Podium Podcast, the creators of El Gran Apagón (see above).

The series features terrific performances by a cast drawn from other narcoseries including:

  • José María Yazpik – Mexican drug trafficker Amado Carrillo Fuentes in Narcos and Narcos: Mexico
  • Rafael Amaya – Aurelio Casillas in Telemundo hit El Señor de los Cielos, a character coincidentally *also* based on Amado Carrillo Fuentes

Cristina Rodlo does an equally fantastic job as teibolera Sandra.

Warning: Contains scenes of violence and torture, including the opening scene of the first episode. Some sexual content.

Despite its intense nature, the podcast includes many funny moments. It’s hilarious to hear the main character, a timid philosophy professor from Madrid, struggle to decipher northern Mexican narco slang.


19. El Washington Post

El Washington Post podcast

Levels: High intermediate to advanced

Accents: Hosts speak Colombian and European Spanish; interviewees from various countries

Transcripts: None

This brand-new twice-weekly show features the high-quality reporting you expect from the Post.

El Washington Post, or “el WaPo,” provides news and analysis by a panel of journalists in Washington DC, Bogotá, and Madrid. Each 20-minute episode explores three to four global news stories from a multicultural perspective.

Special reports also cover such thought-provoking topics as los libros del año.


20. Conclusiones – CNN en Español

Conclusiones - CNN en EspañolLevels: High intermediate to advanced

Accents: Mexican host; interviewees from various Latin American countries and Spain

Transcripts: None

Audio version of CNN’s Miami-based show Conclusiones

Global headlines plus in-depth analysis focused on the US and Latin America. Hosted by popular Mexican news anchor Fernando del Rincón.


21. Así Como Suena

Así como suena - Mexican Spanish podcastLevels: High intermediate to advanced

Accent: Mexican

Transcripts: None

Fascinating true stories from the Mexican capital with themes of love and hate, crime, politics, corruption, and everyday survival.

A few recommended episodes:

  • Sam Adonis: el Rudo de Trump – about an American lucha libre fighter and Trump supporter in Mexico
  • Aventuras en Uber Pool – random encounters in the shared taxi service Uber Pool

A big thank you to my amazing online Spanish teacher from Mexico City for introducing me to this one!


22. La Redada

La Redada podcastLevel: Advanced

Accent: European Spanish

Transcripts: None

Entertaining pop culture show that rounds up the best of the web. Topics range from hot TV shows to fun historical tidbits.

Interesting insights into Spanish culture. Episodes are nice and short at 5-15 minutes. The hosts often speak quickly, so a second listen may be worthwhile to increase comprehension.

Another quality offering from Spain’s Podium Podcast. I am slowly working my way through their extensive catalog!

Many thanks to NoManches from The Language Learners Forum for the recommendation.


23. Contrapoder con Jorge Ramos

Contrapoder con Jorge RamosLevels: High intermediate to advanced

Accents: Mexican host; interviewees from various Latin American countries and Spain

Transcripts: None

Jorge Ramos is a Mexico City-born American journalist considered the best-known Spanish-language news anchor in the US.

This weekly Miami-based show presents interesting short audios of Ramos’s TV interviews with influential Spanish speakers. Interviewees range from Shakira to Diego Luna to Nobel Laureate Mario Vargas Llosa.

Most episodes less than 10 minutes.


24. Radio Ambulante

Radio Ambulante - NPR Spanish podcastLevels: Intermediate to advanced

Accents: Wide variety of Latin American Spanish

Transcripts: Transcripts in Spanish and English available for free on the website.

Compelling, offbeat stories from Latin America and the United States. NPR’s first podcast en español and often referred to as “This Latin American Life.”

A popular favorite among Spanish learners due to the high-quality content and availability of free transcripts.

Lupa language-learning appIf you enjoy Radio Ambulante, try Lupa (iOS, Android), the excellent companion app for intermediate learners.

This useful self-study tool offers selected audio stories broken into short chapters. I found Lupa well-designed and intuitive to use. 

Customizable assistance includes:

  • full or partial transcripts
  • speed control
  • story hints
  • vocabulary lookup
  • language notes

Lupa employs comprehensible input strategies to build fluency. The intent is to gradually remove your training wheels until you understand real-world speech.

I recommend starting with the free trial of two sample stories to see if the monthly or annual subscription is worth it for you.

Note: I have no business affiliation with Lupa. Just supporting a worthwhile initiative. 🙂


25. Cosas de Internet

Cosas de Internet - Colombian podcastLevels: High intermediate to advanced (Low intermediate learners with a techie background can also give it a try)

Accent: Colombian

Transcripts: None

Get your geek on with this Bogotá-based show. Hosts Laura and Santiago discuss all things Internet-related. Recent topics include the sharing economy exemplified by Uber and Airbnb and the history of the QWERTY keyboard.

Co-host Laura also works as program coordinator and producer for NPR’s Radio Ambulante (above).

Thanks to my software engineer friend Björn for the recommendation!


26. Las Raras

Las Raras Chilean podcastLevel: Advanced

Accents: Chilean and other South American accents like Colombian, Peruvian, and Argentinian

Transcripts: None

If you like Radio Ambulante, try this innovative Chilean podcast telling historias de libertad. These thought-provoking stories highlight courageous individuals defying the societal status quo in some way.

Great sound design and original music. Read more about Las Raras in El País.


27. Mejor Vete, Cristina

Mejor Vete, Cristina podcastLevel: Intermediate to advanced

Accent: Mexican

Transcripts: Free Spanish transcripts available linked at the bottom of each episode on this page

The gripping true story of Cristina Martínez, an undocumented Mexican chef who fled her home to save her life. The title (“You better leave, Cristina”) comes from her family’s pleas for her to leave Mexico to escape her abusive ex-husband.

After overcoming huge obstacles, Cristina opened her first restaurant, South Philly Barbacoa. This unassuming eatery became a critical sensation and was named one of the 10 best restaurants in the country.

This award-winning podcast is the result of a six-month investigation by journalist Inger Díaz Barriga of Univisión Noticias.

Cristina was also featured on Season 5 of Netflix’s Chef’s Table. Episode 2 of Netflix’s Ugly Delicious profiled her fight for undocumented workers’ rights.


28. Nómadas

Nómadas - Spanish podcastLevels: High intermediate to advanced

Accent: European Spanish

Transcripts: None

This extraordinary podcast is a production of Radio Nacional de España (RNE). Each weekly episode virtually transports you to a different location in the world.

Nómadas features the high-quality, in-depth reporting you expect from public radio. Before I travel, I always check to see if there are any episodes on my planned destinations.


29. Sangre Celestial

Sangre Celestial Spanish podcastLevels: Intermediate to advanced

Accents: Wide variety of Latin American Spanish; some European Spanish

Transcripts: None

Fun radionovela with a supernatural twist. Twins Sol and Mundo travel across the US and Latin America uncovering hidden family secrets and meeting long-lost siblings.

Narrated by Mexican actress Kate del Castillo, this cross-border mystery spans eight episodes. It features a multicultural cast from across the Spanish-speaking world.

Produced by progressive Los Angeles NPR affiliate KCRW, Sangre Celestial is the first ever bilingual radionovela podcast. It’s downloadable in both English and Spanish.


30. Radio Bilingüe – Edición Semanaria

Radio Bilingüe - Edición Semanaria Spanish podcastLevels: Intermediate to advanced

Accent: Latin American Spanish

Transcripts: None

Radio Bilingüe is the only US distributor of Spanish-language public radio programming. Its mission is to serve as a voice to empower Latinos and other underserved communities.

This fourteen-minute weekly news roundup features stories relevant to the Latino community. It’s short and sweet with an interesting focus on immigration, politics, and civil rights.

If you enjoy this podcast, also try Democracy Now! en español.


31. Buenos Días América

Buenos Días América - Spanish news podcastLevels: Intermediate to advanced

Accents: Mostly neutral Latin American Spanish

Transcripts: None

Daily half-hour news podcast with a focus on US and Latin American stories.

I used to listen daily, but it became a little boring after a while since the format rarely changes. Still worth a listen, though.


32. Fausto

Fausto - Mexican podcastLevels: High intermediate to advanced

Accent: Mexican

Transcripts: None

In this addictive true crime podcast, prestigious Mexican actor Damián Alcázar narrates the chilling tale of a decades-old murder.

In December 1991, a family is mysteriously massacred in Ecatepec, Mexico. This municipality in the shadow of Mexico City soon became notorious for high rates of crime and serial killings. The only surviving witness to the crime is a three-year-old child covered in blood.

The eight-episode series is based on a yearlong investigation. Each installment recreates the events for listeners through testimonies from real people involved with the case. The final episode reveals the missing puzzle piece in the unsolved mystery.

Available free on Spotify. Listen to the trailer.


33. El Souvenir

El Souvenir podcastLevels: High intermediate to advanced

Accent: Mexican

Transcripts: None

Travel lovers should try this engaging Mexican travel podcast. It offers in-depth discussions of destinations in Mexico and around the world as well as practical tips.


34. Cuidad de México

Cuidad de México - Spanish podcastLevels: High intermediate to advanced

Accent: Mexican

Transcripts: None

For amantes of la CDMX. No, the title’s not a typo. It’s a play on words that derives from the show’s tagline: Sólo se cuida lo que se quiere y sólo se quiere lo que se conoce.

Presented by journalist Jorge Pedro Uribe Llamas, this fascinating podcast explores the past and present of Mexico City. Discover its neighborhoods, history, culture, and people.


35. Historias Perdidas

Historias Perdidas Spanish podcastLevels: Intermediate to advanced

Accent: Mexican

Transcripts: None

This entertaining series examines historical enigmas. Sample topics include:

  • the whereabouts of lost Nazi loot
  • the truth behind the legend of the mad monk Rasputin
  • the resting place of Noah’s Ark

Mexican journalist León Krauze narrates with a clear and precise diction. Lots of dramatic sound effects. Nicely brief episodes of 10-15 minutes.

If you love Historias perdidas, try León Krauze’s accompanying book.

This young adult story collection was a bestseller in Mexico. It features short chapters written in easy-to-read Spanish.


36. TED en Español

TED en Español podcastLevels: Low intermediate to advanced

Accents: The host and many speakers are Argentinian. Other presenters are from a variety of countries including Spain, Peru, Uruguay, Colombia, Mexico, and even Brazil. An excellent podcast for experiencing a diversity of accents.

Transcripts: None

Journey through inspiring ideas with TED Talks en español.

The talks are all less than 20 minutes as is usual for TED presentations. Occasional hour-long special editions feature in-depth conversations with selected speakers.

Host Gerry Garbulsky is the organizer of TEDxRíodelaPlata in Argentina, the largest TEDx event in the world with more than 10,000 live attendees. He curates this collection of talks, drawn from a variety of TED and TEDx events in Spanish-speaking countries.

Notable speakers include politician Ingrid Betancourt from Colombia, Mexican journalist Jorge Ramos, and Uruguayan musician Jorge Drexler.

Recommended by my brilliant friend Marissa, who has the most creative language-learning account on Instagram.


37. Leyendas Legendarias

Leyendas Legendarias podcastLevels: High intermediate to advanced

Accent: Mexican

Transcripts: None

This weekly comedy-horror show is based in the Mexican border city of Ciudad Juárez. It’s garnered a cult following with its lighthearted explorations of the dark unknown.

The hosts examine cases of true crime, paranormal phenomena, and notorious historical events with a big dose of black humor.

Episodes last about a hour and 15 minutes on average. Lots of slang and references to Mexican pop culture.

Similar in style to US crime comedy show The Last Podcast on the Left.

Celebrity guests include Mexican comedians Ricardo O’Farrill and Alex Fernández.

Fans of the macabre should also check out chilling medical malpractice podcast Dr. Muerte. This six-episode miniseries is the Spanish translation of the hit show Dr. Death.


38. El Podcast de Alex Fernández

El Podcast de Alex FernándezLevels: High intermediate to advanced

Accent: Mexican

Transcripts: None

Hilarious comedy podcast by popular Mexican comedian Alex Fernández. Lots of Mexican slang and some profanity.

Alex often has interesting guests like other Mexican standuperos, YouTubers, actors, or politicians. Twice-weekly episodes run 30-60 minutes on average.

You can also watch the recordings on YouTube. This offers the option of auto-generated Spanish captions to help with comprehension. Plus, visual cues help a lot with speech perception.

The podcast is on break right now, but will return for its second season in 2020.

Recommended by NoManches from The Language Learners Forum.


39. Libros para emprendedores

Libros para emprendedores podcastLevels: Intermediate to advanced

Accent: Host Luis Ramos is originally from Spain but lives in Mexico, so his accent is a mix of European Spanish and Mexican.

Transcripts: None

Each episode of this top-ranked business podcast summarizes a bestselling self-improvement or business book.

Entrepreneur and business coach Luis Ramos clearly explains each book’s key points in about an hour. He also provides tips on how to apply its insights to your life.

Book topics run the gamut from marketing, sales, motivation, education, people management, public speaking, relationships, and networking. Recent books summarized in Spanish include:

  • TED Talks: The Official TED Guide to Public Speaking
  • Atomic Habits
  • This Is Marketing by Seth Godin

Additional Spanish-Language Podcasts

These podcasts didn’t quite make the cut of my list. I still enjoyed and recommend them, though, if you’re interested in the subject matter.

Mexicano Slang

Mexicano Slang - Spanish podcastLevels: Advanced beginner to advanced

Accent: Mexican

Transcripts: No longer available as the teaching website has been taken down. (Podcast audios are still available for download.)

This Mexican Spanish podcast is a quick listen at only 11 episodes of three to four minutes each. Each episode introduces a new Mexican slang expression and uses it in context of a dialogue.

Very fun concept and highly recommended for aficionados of Mexican Spanish. I only wish there were more episodes!

If you’re interested in Mexican slang, also try Doorway to Mexico and No Hay Tos above.


Algarabía Radio

Algarabía Radio - Spanish podcastLevel: Advanced

Accent: Mexican

Transcripts: None

Algarabía, a word meaning a chaotic din or a joyful noise, is the Mexico City-based publisher of a renowned arts and culture magazine. They also compile the hilarious dictionaries El Chingonario and El Pendejonario.

Algarabía Radio is a weekly discussion of the current magazine’s themes by its editors. Check out older episodes in their previous podcast Algarabía a Cucharadas (Algarabía by the Spoonful).

Recommended for lovers of la CDMX and of Mexican culture. Note that episodes can get a little rambling and long-winded. They are good for passing time while dozing on long bus rides and flights though. 😉


Have feedback on these shows or more suggestions for the best podcasts in Spanish? My best Spanish-language podcast recommendations come from readers!

I especially love promoting lesser-known gems to give them the recognition they deserve.

If you have a podcast in Spanish, feel free to tell us about it in the comments. Please note that I’m currently taking a break from reviewing Spanish podcasts to focus on French.

Best Spanish Podcasts

Photo credits:

– Pinterest image (Bougainvillea, Yuriria, Guanajuato, Mexico): Cristian Newman on Unsplash
– All podcast cover images are copyright of their respective owners

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    • Thanks so much for your list. I can’t wait to check them out. I love Duo Lingo’s free podcasts which share inspiring true stories. They have transcripts and use English to provide context which I find helpful given that they’re Intermediate.

  2. Thank you so much for this list!! I’ve been looking for a good podcast that is engaging and at my level and you offered so many options–I really appreciate it.

    • So glad you found it helpful, Val! I’m always looking for engaging content too. Native podcasts especially can be difficult to discover, which is why I created this list!

  3. What a great list I am always looking for quality Latin American Spanish podcasts with transcripts. I listen to Radio Ambulante ( a stretch for me I usually have to refer to the transcript to fully understand it) and I recently discovered No Hay Tos, (very helpful and at my level) but Sangre Celestial was new to me. I just listened to the first episode, what a find it’s a perfect level for me and quite entertaining. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experience.

    • Glad you are enjoying Hoy Hablamos… love discovering lesser-known gems like that.

      Thanks for the recommendation… I will check it out for the list!

    • Hola Alex, thanks so much for your comment and for the recommendation. For some reason, Español con Juan is not available in Pocket Casts, but I see it is available on other platforms. Sounds like a great resource for intermediate learners focusing on European Spanish.

    • Update: I’ve added Español con Juan to the list. It’s available in the Pocket Casts directory now too. Thanks for the great find!

  4. Thank you so much for creating this list. It is very comprehensive.I have been a serious Spanish learner for about 6 months and am trying to improve my Mexican Spanish. The Doorway to Mexico and No Hay Tos podcasts have helped me immensely. I am a busy forty something and I have been trying a variety of apps, books, TV shows, and podcasts to help me cram in as much learning as possible. Thanks again for creating this resource.

    • So happy to hear that, Craig! I put this information out there but I rarely get to know if it truly helps people. Would love to hear your recommendations for other resources sometime if you get a chance – always looking for suggestions for the blog. Mil gracias y suerte.

  5. Hello, I am currently looking for a spanish speaking podcast that centers on self love/ Self care with a hint of positive vibes for my mother. She speaks some english but could really benefit from one in Spanish. I tried doing a few searches but most results seem to be for people looking to learn spanish. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

  6. Acabo de encontrar tu blog, me inscribí. Qué padre! Estás viviendo el sueño. Conozco la mitad de estos podcasts. Estaba buscando podcasts de mexico porque vivo en california. Ahora los tengo, gracias!

    • Qué bien, Imelda, me encanta que hayas encontrado nuevos podcasts para escuchar! Mucha suerte con tu aprendizaje! Saludos, Ingrid

  7. Hello Ingrid,
    You’re right. The Spanish from Podium Podcast is really fast. For sure, it’s a good practice if you want to visit this country. Reminds me of a typical radio program. Maybe a spin off?

    Hasta pronto,

    • Just checked and you’re right, Björn, Podium Podcast is owned by PRISA Radio, the world’s largest Spanish-language radio group and the market leader in Spain, Colombia, and Chile.

    • This looks great, and I see they have a number of other languages available too like German and French. I’m traveling right now, but will check this out in detail when I return.

    • Update: I’ve added it. Thanks for the great recommendation. I’m going to try Language Transfer for my next language project, French.

  8. Your lists have been very helpful for me, thank you for providing this service.

    A podcast I have recently discovered is How to Spanish. It is on YouTube as well as most of the podcast platforms – it is Mexican Spanish, and geared towards intermediate to advanced learners. I find the dialog interesting and easy to follow. Transcripts and other material are available for a nominal monthly Patreon fee.

    Also there is a new Latin American podcast Charlas Hispanas based on the Hoy Hablamos model. There are three presenters from three countries – Mexico, Columbia and Peru. Quite enjoyable and easy to follow. Podcasts are daily and transcripts etc are available for a nominal monthly Patreon fee.

    • Thank you so much for these excellent recommendations, Bill! They sound right up my alley. I’m traveling in South America right now but will review these when I get back.

    • Bill, these are great!! I’ve added them. Mil gracias. Do let us know if you find any other gems. 🙂

  9. Another podcast is Hablemos Escritoras Podcast, with interviews with some of the best female writers in Spanish, book reviews with transcripts, publishing houses catalogues, book suggestions, short capsules about culture, society, and literature. It is a great source to practice Spanish and to help writers, editors, teachers, readers, students. Podcast are weekly and its website has an index, tags, and keywords, that make the search easier and faster. Great, great resource for leaning and have fun. https://www.hablemosescritoras.com

  10. Hola Ingrid! WOW! Love your list! I have added a bookmark for future reference. I would like to recommend a podcast I created called Decide Balance which means the same in Spanish. It is a 5 minute Bilingual (English/Spanish) Meditation Podcast. It started as a project in my kids’ dual immersion school that I decided to record my sessions and share them with the families and now the world. The translation helps people learn the language plus it helps them focus on what I’m saying and let go of the chatter in their brains so they can take pause in their day or relax to go to sleep.

    Can be found at http://decidebalance.com/ Also on all major podcast platforms or @DecideBalance on IG and FB. Hope you enjoy and let me know if you have any feedback to improve. ¡Saludos!

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