Learn Mexican Spanish on Facebook

If you’re like me, you spend too much time on Facebook. Fortunately, you can turn “El Feis,” as it’s known in Mexico, into a free learning tool.

Follow these Facebook pages to learn Mexican Spanish with news and funny Mexican memes.

1. El Deforma

Mexico’s answer to The Onion. Hilarious satirical news site with the latest viral Mexican Spanish memes and jokes. (The name is a play on Reforma, one of Mexico’s major newspapers.)

Mexicans have a way of making humor out of tragedy, and meme-making is a popular national pastime. Follow this site to keep your finger on the pulse of Mexican humor.

2. BuzzFeed México

BuzzFeed a la mexicana. Irreverent social news and entertainment website featuring viral content such as funny Mexican memes in Spanish, humorous lists, and celebrity gossip.

3. Cultura Colectiva

Edgy arts and entertainment site based in Mexico City.

4. Aprendamos Español

Humorous and educational posts on Mexican and Latin American culture and language. Lots of Mexican Spanish phrases. Run by my awesome online Spanish teacher Gustavo from Mexico City.

5. Verne México – El País

Mexican edition of the online magazine for Spain’s best-selling newspaper. Lots of entertaining news and pop culture stories.

6. Reforma

One of Mexico’s leading newspapers, based in Mexico City.

Interested in other parts of the country? Other regional dailies published by Grupo Reforma to follow include El Norte (Monterrey) and Mural (Guadalajara).

7. Chilango Magazine

Hip lifestyle, entertainment, and satire magazine focused on Mexico City. I try to build in a few days in Mexico City on each trip to Mexico. This Mexican Facebook page lets you keep on top of what’s happening in the capital.

8. México Desconocido

Discover Mexico’s quirkiest off-the-beaten-path experiences and destinations.

9. La Ruta de la Garnacha

Comedian Lalo Villar travels all over Mexico in search of the best street food (garnacha). Super entertaining and educational! Be sure to also check out his awesome Youtube channel.

10. Revista Algarabía

Unique magazine devoted to the arts, Latin literature, and language.

11. Quizzes En Español

If you love Facebook quizzes, this one is for you. Lots of slangy Spanish and Mexican pop culture references.

12. Instituto Nacional de Bellos Memes – INBM

More clever memes made in Mexico.

13. Revista Proceso

Ready for something more intellectual? Follow Mexico’s leading investigative news magazine, renowned for its left-wing journalism.

14. La Correctora

This activist page posts fascinating “corrected” versions of machista or sensationalist news headlines from across the Spanish-speaking world. Exposes the cultural tendency to victim blame in the epidemic of gender-based violence plaguing Latin America.

Have more Facebook recommendations for learning Mexican Spanish? Please share your suggestions for Mexican Spanish Facebook pages in the comments.

Facebook Pages to Learn Mexican Spanish

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