As an introvert, I have my own style of travel. I love quietly observing other cultures and connecting with fascinating new people, but crowds and too much small talk wear me out. I crave regular doses of peace and solitude to balance out the sensory and social overload of travel. Read More

Listening to everyday conversational Spanish is a great way to develop your ear for the language. Here are the best Spanish YouTube channels I’ve found for learning real Spanish — a mix of entertaining Spanish YouTubers and documentary-style TV shows. Read More

Watching popular Russian TV shows is an excellent way to learn about the culture while practicing vocabulary and listening skills. Luckily for us language learners, Netflix and Amazon Prime recently started adding Russian TV series to their streaming lineups. If you are an advanced learner, I recommend turning on Russian subtitles when available as studies show it enhances language learning. Read More

Planning a trip to the Yucatan peninsula? In winter 2018 I spent one month taking Spanish classes and exploring Valladolid, Merida, and Campeche. Check out my Yucatan itinerary and trip report. Read More

I’ve been a fan of Mexican actress Kate del Castillo ever since I got hooked on the Televisa novela La Mentira in the ’90s. I learned so much Spanish watching that show! I love Kate’s badass characters and her outspoken personality, both on and off screen.

She has a pithy, colorful way of expressing herself that has me grabbing my notebook and jotting down lots of fun new vocabulary whenever I listen to her! Read More