In spring 2016, after four weeks of Spanish school in Guanajuato, Mexico, I spent three weeks visiting San Miguel de Allende, Querétaro, Mexico City, Puebla, Morelia, and Pátzcuaro.


Fly to LeónGuanajuato
Guanajuato - Four weeks of language studyGuanajuato
1Bus to San Miguel de AllendeSan Miguel de Allende
2San Miguel de AllendeSan Miguel de Allende
3San Miguel de AllendeSan Miguel de Allende
4Bus to QuerétaroQuerétaro
6Day trip - TequisquiapanQuerétaro
7Bus to Mexico CityMexico City
8Mexico CityMexico City
9Mexico CityMexico City
10Mexico CityMexico City
11Bus to PueblaPuebla
15Bus to MoreliaMorelia
18Bus to PátzcuaroPátzcuaro
20Bus then taxi to Morelia airport for flight back to US
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Update: In February and March 2017 I returned to Escuela Falcon in Guanajuato for three weeks, taking a mix of private and group classes. It was as welcoming and warm a place as ever, and I made many new friends and reconnected with old ones. The school is receiving record numbers of students due to the rave reviews it received under the previous director. Read More

After leaving my job in 2016, one of my major life goals became brushing up my rusty Spanish, which at that time was about level B2 (upper intermediate). I signed up for language study at a Spanish school in Guanajuato, Mexico, but prior to my trip began intermediate Spanish practice on my own. Read More

After 26 years of solo travel, I’ve developed my own unique list of essential travel items you may not find on other packing lists. Once you start using these international travel accessories, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them! Read More

Key items from the long-term travel checklists I keep in Evernote:

One Year Before Trip

Taiwan's EVA Airways, United miles partner

Taiwan’s EVA Airways, United miles partner

  • If using miles, flights often need to be booked 11 months in advance to get economy reward seats. Before booking, I pore over guidebooks and travel forums to craft an itinerary and plan flight routes. I prefer to arrive and depart from different cities in order to avoid backtracking. This is easily done by booking two one-way reward tickets; they can be with different airlines.
  • Check passport expiration date and visa requirements for the countries I’ll be visiting

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