5 Fun YouTube Channels for Learning Brazilian Portuguese

YouTube is an outstanding free tool for learning Brazilian Portuguese online. Here are some fun Brazilian Portuguese YouTube channels to teach yourself Portuguese — a mix of lesson videos as well as native content for more advanced students.

Beginners and intermediates can start with videos with English or Portuguese subtitles. However, don’t be afraid to watch content that interests you that doesn’t have subtitles; it’ll help tune your ear to the sounds of Brazilian Portuguese.

Note on subtitles: In addition to the subtitles listed below, all Portuguese YouTube videos have the option of auto-generated Portuguese captions that can then be auto-translated into English and other languages. Auto-captions are not the most accurate, but sometimes they’re better than nothing!

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YouTube Channels for Learning Brazilian Portuguese

1. Easy Brazilian Portuguese

Levels: Beginner to Advanced

Subtitles: Portuguese and English

Easy Languages is a unique non-profit that helps people learn languages through authentic street interviews. Their short, enjoyable videos showcase local language and culture in natural, everyday situations.

I’ve watched their excellent series for German, Russian, and Spanish, but the Brazilian Portuguese is my favorite because the Brazilians they feature are so warm, joyful, and expressive!

This engaging São-Paulo-based show consists of fun short interviews with Brazilian locals and is chock-full of useful colloquial expressions. Since conversations are at native speed, it’s best suited for intermediate and advanced students, although the English subtitles also make it accessible for beginners seeking listening practice.

The main producer, Kristina, a Croatian-born, German-raised polyglot, also does an incredible job. I wasn’t sure at first about having a non-native speaker as a presenter, but she won me over with her joyful energy and passion for Brazilian culture and language.

Beginners should also check out the Super Easy Brazilian Portuguese series as well as Easy Brazilian Portuguese Basic Phrases.

Looking for an enjoyable quick read in Portuguese? Try Easy Brazilian Portuguese presenter Kristina’s book Sete dias em busca da brasilidade: Sob o olhar de uma estrangeira, an original and thoughtful take on Brazilian culture.

2. Português com Marcia Macedo

Levels: Beginner to Intermediate

Subtitles: Portuguese

Marcia Macedo‘s years of teaching experience and gentle humor make these videos a joy to watch. Unlike some language instruction videos, Marcia speaks completely in Portuguese, creating an immersive learning environment.

3. DamonAndJo

Levels: Beginner to Intermediate

Subtitles: English and auto-generated Portuguese

Polyglot BFFs Damon and Jo post travel videos in six languages. Brazilian-born, American-bred Jo speaks Portuguese fluently, and Damon’s achieved a solid intermediate level. The millennial duo’s extensive Portuguese playlist features lots of fun videos on Brazilian language and culture.

4. Meus 2 Centavos

Level: Advanced

Subtitles: Only auto-generated Portuguese

This popular Brazilian YouTube movie critic posts short reviews of new films and the occasional TV series. I usually watch critiques for movies and shows I’ve already seen as it makes the analysis easier to understand.

5. VICE Brasil

Level: Advanced

Subtitles: Only auto-generated Portuguese

Like its counterpart in English, this edgy alternative news channel provides short news briefs on diverse topics in culture, sports, drugs, politics, LGBT issues, and sexuality. The millennial-focused content is a good opportunity to hear Brazilian slang.

Bonus: Portuguese Learning Inspiration on YouTube

For some language-learning inspiration, check out these gringos speaking fluent Portuguese. (Side note: the term gringo is not offensive in Brazil — it simply means foreigner.) Witnessing their accomplishments can give your motivation a big boost when you see what’s possible.

These videos are also effective for Portuguese learning. Often, it’s easier to understand a non-native speaker fluent in the language you’re studying. You can absorb many lessons from their successes as well as their mistakes.

Polyglot Olly Richard’s Portuguese is incredible. For more inspiration, watch him chatting with Brazilian polyglot Jimmy Mello.

Gavin Roy, the most popular foreign YouTuber in Brazil, teaches English to Brazilians. This American from Colorado has taught himself Portuguese to an impressive level.

I also recommend his other videos, such as this playlist about Brazil. While the videos are intended for a Brazilian audience, you can learn a great deal from his language usage and insights into the culture.

Brazilian polyglot Jimmy Mello interviews Jan from the Netherlands, who has achieved an inspiring level of fluency in only three months.

Have more YouTube recommendations to learn Brazilian Portuguese online? Please share your suggestions in the comments.

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