Top Brazilian YouTube Channels to Learn Portuguese

Brazilian Portuguese YouTube channels are an amazing free learning resource. Here are some of the top Brazilian YouTube channels to teach yourself Portuguese.

I’ve included a mix of educational channels for learners as well as native content for advanced students.

Beginners and intermediates can start with videos with English or Portuguese subtitles. However, don’t be afraid to watch content that interests you that doesn’t have subtitles. It’ll help tune your ear to the sounds of Brazilian Portuguese.


  • If you’re struggling to understand content at native speed, experiment with slowing down video playback to 0.75 or even 0.5 . You can do this in YouTube in Settings under Playback Speed. Try not to get too dependent on slowed-down audio though.
  • In addition to the subtitles listed below, all Portuguese YouTube videos offer auto-generated Portuguese captions that can then be auto-translated into English and other languages. Auto-captions are not the most accurate, but sometimes they’re better than nothing!
I occasionally recommend related books or courses by Brazilian Portuguese YouTubers. Just so you know, I may earn a small fee from purchases made using links on this page at no extra cost to you. I only recommend learning resources I love and use myself.

Top Brazilian YouTube Channels for Learners

1. Português com Marcia Macedo


Levels: Low Intermediate to advanced (B1, B2, C1)

Subtitles: Portuguese (almost all videos); some also have English and Spanish

Marcia Macedo‘s considerable personal charm and gentle humor make these videos a joy to watch. Her invaluable explanations and learning tips are based on many years of teaching experience.

Marcia speaks 100% in slow, clear Portuguese, creating an immersive learning environment.

Marcia’s audience includes many Spanish speakers from other Latin countries, so her videos are particularly suited for learners with a previous background in Spanish.


2. Easy Brazilian Portuguese

Playlist: Easy Brazilian Portuguese - Learning Portuguese from the streets!

Levels: Beginner to advanced

Subtitles: Portuguese and English

Easy Languages is a unique non-profit that helps people learn languages through authentic street interviews. Their short, enjoyable videos showcase local language and culture in natural, everyday situations.

I’ve watched their excellent series for German, Russian, and Spanish. The Brazilian Portuguese is my favorite, though. The Brazilians featured are so warm, joyful, and expressive that it’s a pleasure to watch.

This engaging São-Paulo-based show consists of fun short interviews with Brazilian locals. It’s chock-full of useful colloquial expressions.

Since conversations are at native speed, it’s best suited for intermediate and advanced students. English subtitles do also make it accessible for motivated beginners seeking listening practice.

The main producer, Kristina, a Croatian-born, German-raised polyglot, also does an incredible job. I wasn’t sure at first about having a non-native speaker as a presenter. However, Kristina won me over with her joyful energy and passion for Brazilian culture and language.

Beginners should also check out the Super Easy Brazilian Portuguese series as well as Easy Brazilian Portuguese Basic Phrases.

Looking for an enjoyable quick read in Portuguese? Try Easy Brazilian Portuguese presenter Kristina’s Sete dias em busca da brasilidade: Sob o olhar de uma estrangeira.

This short memoir provides an original and thoughtful take on Brazilian culture from the perspective of a long-term foreign resident married to a Brazilian.


4. Brasileirices

NÉ?! | Brasileirices

Levels: Beginner to advanced

Subtitles: A few videos have Portuguese; otherwise just auto-generated Portuguese

Camilla, the personable host of Brasileirices, teaches Portuguese to foreigners in São Paulo. (Brasileirice refers to a behavior, custom, or expression that is typically Brazilian.)

This eclectic channel offers an interesting mix of content in Portuguese:

  • Tips for Portuguese learners including CELPE-Bras prep
  • Videos about Brazilian culture, literature, and cinema (for intermediate to advanced learners)
  • Travel reports from Brazil and Europe (for intermediate to advanced learners)

More free support materials and exercises on the website.


5. Aprender Portugués con Philipe Brazuca

Playlist: Tips para aprender Portugués más rápido - Secuencia de Aprendizaje

Levels: Intermediate to advanced

Subtitles: Generally English, Spanish, and sometimes Portuguese

If you’re ready for a challenge, try Philipe Brazuca. (Brazuca is Portuguese slang for Brazilian.)

Philipe specializes in teaching Portuguese to Spanish speakers. Video titles and descriptions are in Spanish, but audio is Portuguese only. You don’t need to know Spanish to benefit, though.

Philipe speaks rapidly, so at first he can be tough to follow even with Portuguese subtitles. Don’t let this put you off, as he does it on purpose to get you used to a native speech rate.

I quickly adapted to the pace, and found his videos excellent audio comprehension practice. In fact, this has become my favorite YouTube channel for learning Portuguese.

Philipe focuses on colloquial Portuguese and real-life communication. Don’t miss his fascinating video on common Brazilian hand gestures. Brazilians are very expressive with their hands. I literally saw people using these gestures every day! (Warning: A few of these are considered rude and should be used with caution.)

Philipe’s Instagram feed is similarly useful.

If you enjoy Philipe’s teaching style, he offers excellent paid courses for students with a background in Spanish. I’ve taken his courses and highly recommend them. Philipe is an incredibly dedicated teacher who constantly creates innovative content and makes himself personally available to students.

I suggest trying out his free 7-day mini-course first. See all available courses here. Use coupon code BRA2020INGRID for US $10 off any paid course.


Gringos Speaking Portuguese

For language-learning inspiration, check out these gringos speaking fluent Portuguese. (Side note: the term gringo is not offensive in Brazil. It simply means foreigner.)

These videos are effective for Portuguese learning, especially for beginners. Usually it’s easier to understand a non-native speaker fluent in the language you’re studying.

You can absorb many lessons from their successes as well as their mistakes.

Witnessing their accomplishments also gives your motivation a big boost when you see what’s possible.

1. DamonAndJo


Levels: Beginner to intermediate

Subtitles: English and auto-generated Portuguese

Polyglot BFFs Damon and Jo post travel videos in six languages. Brazilian-born, American-bred Jo speaks Portuguese fluently, and Damon’s achieved a strong intermediate level.

The millennial duo’s extensive Portuguese playlist features lots of fun videos on Brazilian language and culture.

2. SmallAdvantages

Como um americano aprendeu português sozinho!

Levels: Advanced beginner to intermediate

Subtitles: Only auto-generated Portuguese

Gavin Roy, the most popular foreign YouTuber in Brazil, teaches English to Brazilians.

This American from Colorado has taught himself Portuguese to an inspiring level.

I recommend his Portuguese-language playlist about Brazil. While the videos are intended for a Brazilian audience, you can learn a great deal from his language usage and insights into the culture.

3. Ask Jackie

7 palavras BEM difíceis de traduzir pro inglês!

Levels: Advanced beginner to intermediate

Subtitles: Only auto-generated Portuguese

Jackie’s a popular YouTube English teacher for Brazilians originally from Chicago. The majority of her videos are in Portuguese. She speaks it fluently after living years in Brazil married to a local.

Jackie’s videos highlighting linguistic and cultural differences are particularly interesting.

Big thanks to Murillo, my amazing iTalki Brazilian Portuguese teacher, for introducing me to this channel!

4. Pula Muralha


Levels: Advanced beginner to intermediate

Subtitles: A few with English and Portuguese but mostly just auto-generated Portuguese

Sisi, a Chinese teacher living in São Paulo since 2011, and her Brazilian husband Lucas host this charming channel. Sisi’s Portuguese is impressive.

Engaging videos compare and contrast Brazilian and Chinese culture and language. View Pula Muralha’s most popular videos here.

5. Tim Explica

POR QUE BRASIL? Minha Historia | Gringo no Brasil

Levels: Advanced beginner to intermediate

Subtitles: Only auto-generated Portuguese

Tim‘s an American who vlogs about English learning tips and Brazilian and American culture. Many of his videos are in Portuguese.

Tim’s achieved an remarkable level of fluency. He even has a playlist on Learning Portuguese.

Brazilian YouTube Channels for Native Speakers

1. Porta dos Fundos


Don’t miss this hilarious sketch about the difficulties of speaking Portuguese

Levels: Beginner to advanced

Subtitles: English and Portuguese on many videos

Porta dos Fundos (“Back Door” in English), is a wildly popular Brazilian YouTube channel famed for its controversial comedy sketches. This absurdist comedy troupe satirizes diverse topics such as political corruption, religion, drug use, sexuality, and everyday frustrations.

My Portuguese school in Rio used Porta dos Fundos videos frequently in class to generate discussions about current events and Brazilian culture and slang.

Their most popular videos offer subtitles in English as well as other languages, helpful for beginners.

If you enjoy Porta dos Fundos and want to read in Portuguese, check out Put Some Farofa, hilarious short essays by Gregorio Duvivier, one of the show’s creators.

The collection mixes his weekly humor columns for the Folha de S.Paulo, Brazil’s largest newspaper, and Porta dos Fundos episode scripts. (Note that despite its English title, the book is in Portuguese.)

Unfortunately, Brazilian paperbacks tend to be expensive overseas, so I recommend looking for his books in Brazil. If you have an Amazon Brazil account and a CPF number, you can also purchase the e-book versions.


2. BBC News Brasil

Amazônia vem do grego? A curiosa origem de 5 palavras gregas no português

Level: Intermediate to advanced

Subtitles: A few videos have Portuguese; otherwise just auto-generated Portuguese

Interesting short clips of the BBC world news in Brazilian Portuguese.

This channel is part of the BBC World Service’s foreign language output, one of 40 languages it provides. Stories cover the latest news from Brazil and around the globe, business, technology, science, health, society, and culture.


3. Diogo Elzinga

Playlist: O Meu Brasil

Level: High intermediate to advanced

Subtitles: Portuguese (almost all videos); a few with English

Diogo Elzinga’s travel vlog is great for learning about Brazil. He shares interesting facts and trivia about the geography, history, and attractions for every state and major city.

Lots of fun lists like common stereotypes for each Brazilian state, the prato típico of each state, and top places to spend Réveillon (New Year’s Eve).


4. Meus 2 Centavos


Level: Advanced

Subtitles: Only auto-generated Portuguese

Popular YouTube movie critic Tiago Belotti posts short reviews of new films and the occasional TV series. I usually watch critiques for movies and shows I’ve already seen as it makes the analysis easier to understand.

Tiago’s reviews for Brazil’s Rádio CBN are also available as a podcast.

5. Greg News

Playlist: GREG NEWS com Gregório Duvivier

Level: Advanced

Subtitles: Only auto-generated Portuguese

This satirical late-night talk show inspired by the US series Last Week Tonight with John Oliver airs on HBO Brazil.

Comedian-writer Gregório Duvivier of Porta dos Fundos presents an irreverent, uncensored take on news from Brazil and around the world in hilarious half-hour episodes.

6. VICE Brasil

Playlist: Documentários VICE Brasil

Level: Advanced

Subtitles: Only auto-generated Portuguese

Like its counterpart in English, this edgy alternative news channel provides short news briefs on diverse topics in culture, sports, drugs, politics, LGBT issues, and sexuality. The millennial-focused content is a good opportunity to hear Brazilian slang.

7. EuroBox Portugal – Lucas al Jalali

Porque decidi sair do Brasil | Um pouco sobre mim

Level: Advanced

Subtitles: Only auto-generated Portuguese

Lucas al Jalali grew up in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro. He made the tough decision to immigrate to Portugal with his young family to escape high crime rates and lack of basic urban services.

Lucas now lives in the gorgeous seaside town of Cascais near Lisbon. He vlogs about daily life in Portugal and how it compares to Brazil.

Fascinating for those interested in the Brazilian immigrant experience in Portugal.

Have more recommendations for top Brazilian YouTubers? Please share your suggestions for the best YouTube channels to learn Portuguese in the comments.

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